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Masa Inn is the best option for those of you who are going on holidays or honeymooners in Bali. For Australian travelers that use this hotel, the Masa Inn is like a second home for them. Strategic location for the hotel is about 1.5 KM from the Ngurah Rai airport. Tracing the coast towards poppies lane which is a very convenient location for the centre of tourism. We are located 5 minutes walk from Kuta beach.

The History Mr. I Wayan Pija and his wife, Ni Ketut Mica as the owner and founder of Masa Inn Hotel, around 1970, for the first time to recieve tourists who stay for vacation in Bali, and they live with the family. at that time there were several accommodations (home stay) in Kuta, but tourists are very memorable stay with a Balinese family.

Until 1973, Mr. I Wayan Pija and his wife have 5 rooms, where all service performed both assisted their children, and after their son start to grow up, they live seperately occupy the family home. only Mr. Wayan Pija and hos wife that still staying at the Masa Inn for servng guests and also be security at night. at that time the electricity network is not yet available, so use oil lamp (with kerosene) as illumination.

Every day Mr. Wayan Pija and his wife draw water from the well to fill the water tank in the bathroom. For breakfast, travelers are given a black sticky rice porridge, bananas, tea or coffee. By the proximity of that, to this day some old friends especialy from Australia still ame to see Mr. I Wayan Pija and family.

Until 1975, the lodging of Mr. I Wayan Pija and his wife began to develop into12-rooms, and by using the date when it started to bulid the business on february 26, 1975 ultimately serve as a warning anniversary f Masa Inn Hotel. Until Now, it has 89 rooms that include two swimming pools.

The Facilities All Room are equipped with air conditioning, hot water, refrigerator, satelite tv, safely deposite box, and free wi-fi, with two pools, and a yard large enough for the kids can play in the garden or while reading, Masa Inn Hotel is Perfect for vacation wth family also available 3 rooms with Balinese Style. The rooms that are near the back pool at night will feel the silence that would make you not believe in living in bustling Kuta.

Sertificate of masa inn
air conditioning    Air Conditioning     hot water    Hot and Cold Water

Refrigerator    Refrigerator             Satelite TV    Satelite TV

Deposit Box    Deposit Box             Wifi    Free Wifi

Swimming Pool    Swimming Pool         yard    Yard