Shadow puppet show

Balinese Hindu believe for those born under the Bali calendar right on wuku wayang (puppet), The day Saturday (Saturday), then at least within 210 days after birth or within six months of Calendar Bali (during the ceremony otonan, the birth anniversary in Bali Calendar) shall get through ritual of a self cleansing ceremony "Melukat Wayang Sapuh Leger".

A self cleansing ceremony tradition (melukat) is obtained from a story when Lord Shiva gave birth to his son named Sang Hyang Kala that when it is given to prey on humans when born exactly when wuku Wayang, the day is saniscara (Saturday). Incidentally his brother named Sang Hyang Kumara was born on that day, and then Sang Hyang Kala continues to hunt his brother wherever he's hiding. The younger brother then keep running away until one day he met a puppeteer who play is being performed, Sang Hyang Kumara then hiding in a hole named "gender tube" (made form bamboo in gambelan puppet). At that time, there was a dialogue between Sang Hyang Kala with the puppeteer, where offerings of "banten" (offerings ceremony) when staging puppet becomes a substitute meal Sang Hyang Kala, which ultimately saves Sang Hyang Kumara. Since that time, for those who were born in wuku Wayang, the day is saniscara (Saturday) will perform the ablutions ritual through Wayang Sapuh leger show.

In 2016, the Puppet Staging falls on June 4, 2016. Performance of "Wayang Sapuh Leger" is usually carried out at the intersection of the highway, and you can watch the event for free because it was held in the open field. If you want a vacation to witness this ritual shadow puppet show (remember, every 210 days) use MS-Excel to calculate your schedule to visit to Bali, if you counted more you will get dated December 31, 2016, you simply add 210 to search for the next day visit coincides with the ritual of Wayang Sapuh leger in Bali. Make sure you do not miss the event.

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