How you organize your holiday schedule using the Balinese calendar

The calculation of Balinese Calendar seems like mathematical formula, for some important days in celebration of the Hindu religion would apply anyway. Balinese calendar is composed of wuku (totaling 30), day (Sapta Wara amounted to 7 days, and Panca Wara amounted to 5 days), and Ingkel (totaling 6). Within one month of balinese calendar totaled 7x5 = 35 days (combine between Sapta Wara and Panca Wara), whereas in six months (once round of wuku) will be acquired 7x30 = 210 days, and in one year will amount to 420 days (two rounds wuku).

Name of wuku in Balinese calendar (30) is Sinta, Landep, Ukir, Kulantir, Tolu, Gumbreg, Wariga, Warigadean, Julungwangi, Sungsang, Dungulan, Kuningan, Langkir, Medangsya, Pujut, Pahang, Krulut, Merakih, Tambir, Medangkungan, Matal, Uye, Menail, Prangbakat, Bala, Ugu, Wayang, Klawu, Dukut, dan Watugunung. Each wuku will last for seven days and will change every Redite (Sunday).

There are 7 Names of the day for Saptawara that is Redite (Sunday), Coma (Monday), Anggara (Tuesday), Buda (Wednesday), Wraspati (Thursday), Sukra (Friday), and Saniscara (Saturday). While the name of the day for pancawara there are 5 names known as Umanis, Pahing, Pon, Wage and Kliwon.

There are 6 names of Ingkel, namely Wong, Sato, Mina, Manuk, Taru, and Buku. Ingkel in Balinese calendar changes every Redite (Sunday). Ingkel usually associated with the selection of day either related to human (Wong), Animal (Sato), Fish (Mina), Poultry (Manuk), plant (Taru) and special plants that have phalanx in the trunk like bamboo (Buku).

Balinese calendar is used to determine the "otonan" (the birth anniversary of Hindus people in Bali), "Odalan" (celebration of the holy day in a sacred place of Hindus Bali, the holy day of Balinese hinduism such as Galungan (wuku Dungulan, the day is Buda), and also used for various events such as tooth filing ceremony, wedding ceremonies, cremation ceremony, and also ceremonies to begin the construction of such a sacred place, dwelling house, kitchen, and even to start farming, fishing, take care of animals, etc.

How do you use the Balinese Calendar if you want to come on holiday to Bali to coincide with the ceremony for example, Galungan? How, as a reference in 2016 Galungan celebrated on February 9, 2016 that wuku Dungulan, day of Buda (Wednesday). Using your computer for example, MS-Excel to look for it, types the date 02/09/2016 on the cell, then in the next cell you type 210, and to get the date you been to Bali when Galungan, then total the cell that contains the date (09.02.2016) with the cell containing the number of days within six months of Calendar Bali (210) then you will get dated 9 September 2016 to schedule your vacation to Bali.

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