Nyepi celebration, Caka New Year in Bali

In 2016, the celebration of Nyepi as Caka New Year, the New Year of Hindu Calendar, Caka 1938 which is celebrated on March 9, 2016. Commemoration of Caka New Year has already started 78 years ago, which is celebrated with the calculation of "Tilem Kesanga" (black moon 9th) in Bali Calendar (there are 12 names Tilem as a marker sequence). Nyepi calculation by the system of "Tilem" (black moon) is different from the calculation of the celebration of other holy day based on wuku in Balinese calendar.

Nyepi celebration is believed to be the purification of gods who are in the center of the ocean, which brings the essence of the water of life. Therefore, the celebration of Nyepi is always associated (preceded) by the Melasti ceremony, a ceremonial procession held on the beach or by the river.

After carrying procession Melasti ceremony, then Hindus in Bali will prepare the celebration of Nyepi with ceremony named "pengerupukan" (the day before Nyepi). At this celebration, all Hindus carry out a cleansing ceremony in the yard of each house, then at each shrine their families, by offering "caru" (offerings). While at the ward (banjar), all residents present together in banjar continued ritual in Bale Agung, the biggest temple in every village, as the center of the celebration at the village level. "pengerupukan" ceremony was carried out before sunset, by sounding the gong and accompanied by a procession of parading "ogoh-ogoh" (a statue made from bamboo and paper) around the village, and ended up on the beach. This ceremony means to harmonize or restore the environment, so that began the next day is Nyepi Day, which is marked by quiet, silent, with no activity. So, Nyepi is taken from the word "quiet" or "sipeng in Balinese language.

In the life of the Balinese, celebrate Nyepi is meaningful as a moment of introspection. That the harmonious life of the Balinese when they are in silence will bring a spiritual life that is harmonious, they learn to hear the voice of the heart (inner) by not talking (when communicating we often learn to listen to what people say, but for most people is difficult because they are impatient, but we can train it when the Nyepi day). When the Nyepi day, it is not allowed lighting a fire (to understand the ego), not traveling (to evaluate spiritual dreams and your personal life for one year) this spiritual activity is very well executed by practicing meditation. If you want to feel the quiet atmosphere (free of noise) or learn to practice meditation in silence (quiet), then do not miss Nyepi, to fill the most unique holiday in the world that is Nyepi in Bali.

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