How do children learn Balinese Hindu religion and culture?

The parents in Bali will teach Hinduism early onto their children through the ceremony. Through these activities the children of Hindu Bali will find out directly from the preparations and the ceremony performed. This is the Balinese tradition of learning, learning by doing.

A ritual that became the first lesson for the children of Hindu Bali is offering "banten saiban" which is a pinch of rice with side dishes are given a mat of leaves, and must be offered after cooking rice. So, the parents will indirectly teach ethics to the children that the gift must be done before eating. Through this learning ethics Hindu Bali children will grow into a patient, have a respect and be grateful in his life.

How does the Balinese culture? The children of hindu bali are all going to learn the art of dance, and some of them are interested to learn musical arts (gamelan). The process of learning through arts education will be able to establish the character of the children from an early age.

So, Balinese people already have a character education for their generation as well as to love the culture. Through the establishment of this character ever since children to adults, Balinese people will have a beautiful smile, welcoming and friendly. If your holiday to Bali for a long time, you can learn to dance and musical arts in Bali with your family in some art galleries in Bali, so that you will be able to know more about Balinese culture.

*** You can ask for this information during your holiday in Masa Inn, your families sweetest home in Bali.

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