In 1970, Mr. I Wayan Pija with his wife, Ni Ketut Mica, for the first time receives international tourists to stay objective. At that time, there were few native Kuta that is already having a home stay for tourists to take a holiday in Bali. Mr. I Wayan Pija family’s residence rent out rooms as the inn. Until 1973, Mr. I Wayan Pija has 5 rooms with the name of the business is “Pension Lasi Erawati II “.Mr. I Wayan Pija feels the need to separate the inn to the family home in order for family comfort is not compromised, especially for sons and daughters are educated. Therefore, in 1973 several houses were originally united with the family gradually dismantled to be moved and rebuilt on-site inn the current period.

Mr. I Wayan Pija is still living as rice farmers and fields, as well as to his craft gold. While the wife Ni Ketut Mica worked as a merchant to sell the farm to the market Badung such as palm, coconut and wood. This dual profession undertaken of the need for living expenses and tuition fees by 3 sons and 3 daughters felt quite heavy. A house was built temporary permanent, half of the body structure is made of brick and the other half wearing woven bamboo. Until 1975 Specialty Lasti Erawati II has 12 rooms with the services provided by Mr. I Wayan Pija with his wife, son and a staff. At that time travelers are given a black rice pudding, banana fruit and tea or coffee as breakfast.

Sometimes tourists staying ask for a drink of coconut water after they come back from surfing, Mr. I Wayan Pija be happy to serve as part of a service to tourists. Around the year 1976, Mr. I Wayan Pija fully decided to plunge into the world of tourism and lodging businesses to manage previously left the profession because they can not share their time after his sons went to college. Through the hospitality and homely service is ultimately a lot of travelers are routinely stays repeater guests.

At one point in the 1980s, there are tourists who give advice to the hotel name was changed to Atlantis Inn. suggestion of Mr. I Gusti Ngurah Sumarma, a good friend of the State of origin, who lives in Denpasar Bali advised not to use the name Atlantis Inn. According to him, it is the island of Atlantis sank. So it was changed the name as Masa Inn until now, which mean “the hotel will exist forever “.Since 1999 we bought 3.500 square meters of land to expand the area in back yard to build 77 rooms in modern style and restaurant.

To provide hotel, all rooms are equipped by AC, hot water, satellite TV, telephone, refrigerator, safety box, free wifi. Beside that Masa Inn hotel has two swimming pools adorned with flowers and spacious gardens. Until now the hotel has 89 rooms. A traditional Balinese building distinctively unique that make you feel in the island of paradise.