The History The Masa Inn is a favourite hotel for holiday makers and honeymooners in Bali. For many Australian travellers the Masa Inn has become a second home. The hotel is strategically located 1.5km from the NgurahRai airport, convenient to the centre of Kuta and less than a 5 minute walk to famous Kuta Beach.

Mr. I Wayan Pija and his wife, Ni Ketut Mica owner of the Masa Inn founded the hotel in 1970 receiving their first visitors in Bali in their own home with the family. At the time there were a few ‘home stay’ accommodations in Bali and tourists enjoyed the memorable experience of staying with a Balinese family.

Until 1973 there were 5 rooms available with Mr and Mrs I Wayan Pija staying and serving guests along with family members. There are 6 children, 3 sons and 3 daughters. As the family grew, they moved to a new home, however Mr and Mrs I Wayan Pija remained at the guest house to continue to look after their guests. There was no electricity, only oil lamps for light. Everyday they drew water from the well to fill the tank for the bathroom. Travellers enjoyed a traditional breakfast of black sticky rice porridge, bananas, tea or coffee. Many guests who enjoyed their stay in the early years still come to Bali to visit Mr and Mrs I WayanPija and their family.

In 1975 Mr and Mrs I WayanPija expanded the accommodation to 12 rooms with the anniversary of the official start of the business being 26 February 1975. The Masa Inn has now grown to 89 rooms and 2 swimming pools.

To commemorate every Galungan day, Mr Wayan Pija and family invite regular guests who are staying at the time, to a dinner party at his private home located 250 metres from the Masa Inn in Poppies Lane 1.

The Facilities All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, hot water, refrigerator, satellite tv, safety deposit box, and free wifi. There are two swimming pools and beautiful gardens large enough for children to play and guests to read. 3 Balinese style rooms for families are also available. The rooms at the rear of the hotel are peaceful and quiet; an oasis from bustling Kuta.

Masa Inn Hotel in 1980

Masa Inn in 1980 Masa Inn in 1980 Masa Inn in 1980 Masa Inn in 1980 Masa Inn in 1980

Balinese Style Rooms

balinese room balinese style (double bed) balinese style (family room)

First Floor Rooms

room in first floor room in first floor

Second Floor Rooms

room in second floor

Third Floor Rooms

room in third floor